Clubs and Societies

Wycombe girls are not afraid to pursue their interests and ambitions beyond traditional boundaries and challenge themselves to reach their potential. To expand the learning arena for our pupils, a number of clubs and societies have been established at the School and many are run by the girls themselves. Each club and society meets regularly to discuss matters of importance, allow experiences to be shared and facilitates activities and events throughout the year. From Amnesty International to Science Club and International Film Society to Dive Society, there is a club or society for every interest; if not, girls are encouraged to find a few like-minded peers and a willing member of staff and start their own!

Clubs and societies on offer

Chinese Club

Classics Society

Dance Club

Creative Writing – Writers’ Ink

Computer Club

Debating Society


Dive Society

Duke of Edinburgh

Econoprise Society

Young Enterprise

Fisher Society (Christian Union)

Amnesty International

History Society

Book Club

International Film Club

Medical Society

Modern Linguistics Society

People of the World Society

Philosophy Society

Political Society

Science Activities

Physics Activities

Junior Science Club

Green Power Car

Drama Society

Classic Films

Caledonian Society

Chess Club

Music Club

History of Art Society

Fencing Club

Gymnastics Club

Hockey Club

Judo Club

Karate Club

Kick Boxing Club

Polo Club

Ski Racing Club

Squash Club

Street Dance Club


Artists’ Workshop