Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have some unanswered questions about starting at Wycombe? Hopefully some of the answers we’ve provided below will help you out!

Q. Does Wycombe Abbey cater for day girls?

Wycombe Abbey most certainly does cater for day girls, although we only have a small number and we call them Day Boarders. Day Boarders enjoy exactly the same opportunities as full time Boarders – they are allocated to a House, can join House outings in the evenings or on weekends and most Day Borders arrive at School early, in time for breakfast, and don’t leave again until after supper in the evenings.

Q. I really like to play sport. What sporting pursuits are available to me at Wycombe?

We have lots of fun and great success in the sporting arena at Wycombe. Junior classes have at least four games lessons a week and senior classes have at least two. In addition, House Games occur once or twice during the week and there are lots of Inter-House competitions including Lacrosse, Netball, Cross Country, Swimming, Athletics and Tennis. There are also lots of opportunities to compete for Wycombe Abbey against other schools, particularly in organised national competitions or ‘friendly’ matches organised between schools.

There are lots of extracurricular activities available at Wycombe including Fencing, Climbing, Trampolining, Karate, Judo, Kickboxing, Riding, Golf, Squash, Football, Ballet, Tap, Pointe, Street Dance and Modern Dance. Find out more about sport at Wycombe by clicking here.

Q. Why choose an all girls’ School?

Without the distraction of boys, Wycombe Abbey girls grow to become independent, confident young women equipped with the skills to adapt to whatever challenges they may face in the future. League tables and statistics show that girls achieve best results when educated in an all girls’ environment. Teaching at Wycombe is geared to suit the learning style of girls, and the pastoral care initiatives are reflective of the health and wellbeing needs of teenage girls today. We benefit from a holistic, balanced life and enjoy a variety of social and academic experiences with our counterparts from a number of the country’s top boys’ schools.

Q. What happens at Wycombe at the weekend?

Weekends at Wycombe are just like every other day of the week – action packed! Most weekends girls are off playing sport or involved in the performing arts or attending one of the many organised weekend outings, such as trips to museums or the theatre. A lot happens here at School too: creative weekend workshops, cooking demonstrations, shopping trips and DVD evenings.

Click here to find out more about Wycombe at the weekend.

Q. I am thinking of joining Wycombe in the VI Form, however, will I be disadvantaged by only starting in the LVI?

There are usually quite a few girls who join us in the VI Form. You will not be disadvantaged as life at Wycombe changes considerably in the LVI. We are given more independence and there are lots of new opportunities available. A VI Form community is formed as we start to spend more time in subjects together and have more opportunities to discover things for ourselves. VI Form is a great time to start at Wycombe, so come and join us!

Click here to find out more about VI Form at Wycombe.

Q. I am interested in joining Wycombe, however, I’d like to visit the School first. Are there any opportunities for me to experience Wycombe life and meet with staff and current students?

You certainly can! We’d love to meet you and show you around our home. Click here to find out how to arrange a visit.

Q. What Performing Arts activities can I become involved with?

There is always something happening at the Performing Arts Centre, whether it is individual music lessons, Orchestra or School Choir rehearsals or a Drama troupe preparing for their next production. There are opportunities to become involved in the Arts from the moment you come to Wycombe and don’t worry if you haven’t studied Music or Drama before, there are plenty of opportunities for beginners and advanced performers.

Click here to find out more about Performing Arts at Wycombe.

Q. I am looking forward to the possibility of boarding, but will there still be opportunities for me to visit home during the term?

Yes, there are lots of opportunities each term for you to enjoy a weekend at home, but there is often so much going on at School that you don’t want to leave! We can have day exeats any Sunday, except for on ‘closed’ weekends (and there are three of these a term), and as you get older you have greater flexibility with exeats and leaves. There is a half term break, 'Long Leave', and weekends out, 'Short Leaves', during every term which are fixed and are taken by the whole School, including staff. Parents and friends are welcome to visit the School anytime and arrangements can be made for evenings out during the week.

Q. Does every student have a personal notebook computer?

No, not everyone at Wycombe has their own laptop. In Junior House there is no need for a laptop as there are plenty of opportunities during the day to use the many computer labs around the School and for evenings or on weekends, there are computers in the House. As you move through the School you may want to consider having your own laptop.

Q. What should I expect on my first day in the VI Form at Wycombe Abbey?

All VI Formers return to Wycombe in September a day before the rest of the School comes back. If you are in the LVI you will be introduced to VI Form life, with talks on the new responsibilities you will be taking on, the various extra-curricular activities open to you, and ways of coping with the challenges ahead. There is a talk for you and your parents on University Admissions on the first day of term.

UVI girls learn more about life in Clarence, are taught basic cookery skills, have fire and personal safety talks and are given further guidance on university applications. In the evening we are all invited to dine with the staff and enjoy the opportunity to meet with the teachers in a more relaxed, social atmosphere.

Q. What links does Wycombe have with boys’ schools?

Through academic and social activities Wycombe has links with a number of boys’ schools including Abingdon, Eton, Harrow, Papplewick, Radley, Royal Grammar School (High Wycombe) and Winchester.