Allocation of places in Boarding Houses

Wycombe Abbey, in common with most schools, operates a House system. It is, however, the case that such House systems vary considerably between schools so an explanation of Wycombe's approach, from both a philosophical and practical point of view, may be helpful.

Girls entering Wycombe at 11 into UIII go into Junior House for their first year.  From LIV they join one of the nine Senior Houses.  They are allocated to a Senior House after their first half term at the School and will have opportunities throughout the remainder of the UIII year to visit the Senior House and to get to know some of the girls in the House, to ensure a smooth transition when they move into LIV.

Girls entering at 13 into UIV join one of the nine Senior Houses.

Girls move from their Senior House into Clarence at the end of the LVI.

The allocation of a place in a Senior House is made by the School, in consultation with the Deputy Head - Pastoral, the Head of Boarding and the Junior Housemistress where appropriate. Sisters of current pupils and dughters of Seniors may confirm their wish to be in the family House, otherwise they will be allocated a House on the same basis as everyone else. We endeavour to ensure that, where possible, there is a good cross-section of girls with different interests and strengths, and from different preparatory schools, in each House.