The Curriculum

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The Curriculum

The philosophy behind the Wycombe curriculum is to ensure that all girls pursue a programme of study which remains as broad as possible until the end of UV and then allows pupils to specialise as they begin to think about their options for university. All our GCSE/IGCSE and A Level/Pre-U subjects are academically rigorous and prepare girls well for their education beyond school.


Pupils attend lessons in a broad range of subjects, including French and Spanish. Latin is compulsory and most girls are introduced to Classical Greek. Girls attend lessons in Physical Education and Wellbeing.


Pupils attend lessons in a broad range of subjects to ensure that they are familiar with all the options from which they can choose at GCSE/IGCSE. Core subjects often start preparation for their GCSE/IGCSE courses at this stage. Most girls take two modern language from a choice of four; there are beginners' classes offered in Spanish, Mandarin and German. Girls continue to attend Physical Education and Wellbeing lessons.


Many of the subjects offered at this level at Wycombe are IGCSEs. Each department makes its own decision on whether to pursue GCSE or IGCSE based upon the relative strengths of the courses and the preparation they provide for study at A level. There are six compulsory subjects: English, English Literature, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. A decision on whether pupils are entered for three separate sciences or the Dual Award is made during UV (almost all take three separate sciences). In addition to this core curriculum, girls select four or occasionally five other subjects from a range of 15 – at least one of these subjects must be a modern language. Girls continue to attend Physical Education and Wellbeing lessons.


Girls choose four or five AS subjects to pursue in LVI from a range of 24 options. In addition to this all girls take either AS Critical Thinking or the Extended Project Qualification. Most pupils continue with three or four subjects into UVI. All subjects follow A level specification, though Pre-U is offered to some girls as an alternative to A level. Girls continue with Physical Education lessons and attend a lecture programme. Girls are given the option to pursue additional enrichment courses within the timetable: beginners' Mandarin, GCSE Italian and the European Computer Driver's Licence.