Mathematics is a popular subject throughout the School. We follow the National Curriculum and the girls learn to improve their problem-solving skills and are encouraged to be imaginative in their approach to solutions.

Approximately two-thirds of the year group continue with Mathematics to A level. A broad curriculum of Pure, Statistics and Mechanics is studied. Our Further Maths group develops these areas and also study some Decision Mathematics. Each year we have students going on to study Mathematics at some of the top universities. 


Mathematics is compulsory in these year groups. A broad course of numbers, algebra, statistics, shapes and space is followed. The girls are placed into divisions according to ability. As well as being taught in a traditional way the girls will undertake some project work in which they will use ICT.


During LV and UV the girls will prepare for their IGCSE in Mathematics. We develop areas mentioned above further and then go on to study topics such as set theory, vectors and circle theorems. Girls in the top division are generally accelerated and will take the first of the A level modules, C1, at the end of their time in UV. There is also an introduction to functions, calculus and more complex trigonometry which helps bridge the gap to A level.

A Level

To achieve an A level in Mathematics the girls need to study four Pure units (C1-C4) and two Applied units (S1 and M1). A girl may choose to take their Mathematics just to AS in which case they would take the first two Pure units plus S1. In the Pure section of the course the girls will study algebra and functions, co-ordinate geometry sequences and series, calculus, trigonometry, exponentials and logarithms, numerical methods, proof and vectors.

In LVI they will also study Statistics, in which they will learn about probability, the representation and summary of data, correlation and regression, discrete random variables and the normal distributions. In UVI they will study M1, the first Mechanics module, and will meet vectors in mechanics, kinematics of particles moving in a straight line, dynamics of a moving particle, statics of a particle and moments.

A Level Further Maths

Pupils taking this option study all of A level Mathematics in LVI. In UVI the skills that the girls have acquired in the A level course are developed further and they will be required to apply their skills to more complex problems. In addition to the topics they have already begun in the A level they will go on to study complex numbers, the numerical solution of equations, first and second order differential equations, polar coordinates, hyperbolic functions, coordinate systems, matrix algebra and Maclaurin and Taylor series.

They will also study M2 and M3, the next two Mechanics modules. Within these modules they will cover the kinematics of a particles moving in a straight line, centres of mass, work and energy, collisions, elastic strings and springs, further dynamics, the motion in a circle and the statics of rigid bodies.

They will develop their statistical skills further by studying Binomial and Poisson distribution, continuous random variables, continuous distributions, hypothesis tests, combinations of random variables, sampling estimations, confidence intervals and tests, goodness of fit and contingency tables, regression and correlation. They will sit the S2 and S3 papers at the end of their final year.