Government & Politics

Our aim is to teach Politics in an exciting and stimulating way, enabling our students to acquire a balanced view of the working of the government, the main political parties and the most significant political issues of the day. By giving the girls an understanding of the different ideologies which have driven political movements across the centuries we hope to equip students with political and social understanding to enable them to play an active role as citizens of the UK and the wider world.

We run a very popular Politics Society, and also organise the School's entries into Model United Nations competitions and key events such as School mock elections.

At AS this course introduces students to the key channels of communications between government and the people. It encourages them to evaluate the adequacy of existing arrangements for ensuring representative democracy and participation in the UK and they consider key concepts such as the use of elections, the role of referenda, the policies of the three main political parties and the place of pressure groups in our modern society. Additionally the role of the Prime Minister and Cabinet are discussed and how effectively the Judiciary defends civil liberties.

At A2 students are introduced to the subject of political ideology examining the major ideas of liberalism, conservatism, socialism and anarchism. This includes knowledge of their respective views on human nature, the state, society and the economy as well as an ability to discuss differing views and tensions within them. Ideologies as as nationalism, feminism, multiculturalism and ecologism are also discussed.