Economics is offered in the VI Form as an A level option, using the OCR specification. Economics and related subjects are often continued to undergraduate level. At the same time many girls enjoy the opportunity of taking up a subject that is completely new and different to their main choices. Touching on aspects of Mathematics, Psychology, Politics, Geography and History, it appeals especially to the student who likes to understand how society works.

We have been fortunate in being supported by an enthusiastic Economics and Enterprise Society. This provides a forum for extending interest beyond the classroom with informal discussions and visiting speakers, and through taking part in the Bank of England's Target 2.0 competition.

A Level

Economics is essentially concerned with improving people's living standards. To achieve this when resources available are limited in relation to our ever growing wants requires a huge number of choices to be made. The AS courses gives a grounding of the underlying mirco-economic and macro-economic principles, leading to a more applied stance at A2 where we study labour markets and leisure industries, and the operation of global economy.

Whilst there is a prescribed syllabus to follow, its flexibility allows it to be closely related to the changing economic events. We have been able to discuss highly topical issues such as why recessions seem unavoidable, how we should cut budget deficits, whether workers should receive bonuses, and what might be the best policy for curbing binge drinking.